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In 1974 Derek Ross has founded the company with the vision to develop luxury beauty products that everyone can afford. It has grown to become a multi-million pound business with products sold in over 30 countries around the world.
 The Scottish Fine Soaps Company blends gorgeous ingredients with contemporary Caledonian style to create bath and body collections that smell, feel and look fantastic.
Great importance is placed on natural ingredients such as organic milk, honey, cocoa and shea butter, etc.. Through the carefully selected ingredients, the skin feels instantly supple and cared for. Your wonderful fragrance is created only by the high quality raw materials, without any artificial flavor.



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The soaps and bath products are made with genuine natural cocooning, biodegradable and regional Swiss commodities. The ingredients are pure vegetable substances, no chemical preservatives or animal fats. The products are produced in small quantities by hand in Switzerland.


Isola di Ischia Cosmesi Termale:


Isola di Ischia Cosmesi Termale (Island of Ischia Spa Cosmetics) was founded by Enzo Castagna in 2002. It is a firm which is young and dynamic but which has its roots in the Island of Ischia’s thousand year old tradition of thermal wellbeing.
There is no allergy risk. Tests – which are never effected on animals – guarantee perfect formulas for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


Bade Free Products:


Bade Fee Products are lovingly made by hand from high quality natural ingredients in Germany. It is a real treat for your skin and senses.

Heyland Whittle:


With great attention to detail, selected raw materials and crafted, these fine soaps and body care products are made in England. The noble mini soaps in different scents, wrapped in fine tissue paper, decorated with small paper flowers are a lovely gift!



Natural cosmetics with aromatic and warm scents and best ingredients.



PANIER DES SENS products are from Southern French origin. Inspired by Mediterranean ingredients and expertise, their skin care line is formulated with natural, simple and authentic active substances and ingredients. By combining research and nature, they use the best that Provence has to offer to develop products with a soft texture and elegant fragrances.




The perils of everyday life sap your strength. Treat with the flavor Sensena products your body and soul a little vacation. The interplay of natural ingredients and aromas gives you a feeling of luxury. There is no allergy risk since the ingredients are pure vegetable substances, no chemical preservatives or animal fats.




Based on traditional Bronnley family recipes, it has been creating luxury soap, fragrances and toiletries in the United Kingdom since 1884.
Bronnley uses hand crafted methods to blend nature’s finest ingredients into enchanting collections that captivate your senses.

We strive to provide you with the best service and satisfy the most demanding taste! From handmade luxury soap to the exclusive organic cream- only top products for you. Treat yourself or to make the perfect gift for a special event.
Visit us with absolutely no obligation. We are looking forward to YOU!